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Imua Preschool students trek regularly to outdoor spaces to enjoy and learn from the natural environment!

2023 Annual Appeal


Imua’s BIG idea for the next five years: an armada of experts – supporters, artists, therapists, teachers, & clinicians – elevate and highlight the discovery of play, showing how play is a crucial tool in helping the child and family to thrive! In order to accomplish our goals, we need your support! Click here to see our full 2023 Annual Appeal document (pdf) or continue reading to see a few snippets.


The IMUA Way

The spirit of “imua” invites and emboldens us to forge forward.

Since 1947, Imua Family Services has thrived on cultivating a culture of creativity.

Today, Imua celebrates how play is at the heart that drives children’s success onwards.

When we invite our community to Imua, we create spaces for children and their families to discover, nurture, and share a love for learning, and the joy of caring for themselves as much as they do for others.

Play it Forward

Imua is a Hawaiian word that means “to move forward.”

The mission of Imua Family Services is to empower children and their families to reach their full potential. To achieve this, Imua will focus on creativity and culture beyond its existing programs and services.

Moving forward is experiential. Play is experiential.

Imua Promises

  • Cultural generosity through in-person human experiences
  • Championing creative vitality for the many communities and visitors within Maui County
  • An unwavering commitment to inclusion of children of all abilities
  • Ensuring that play and sharing joy are at the heart of all these things.

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Camp Imua staff and campers enjoying the outdoors