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Behavior: Parent Training Workshop

The pandemic held us all at home where we began to see behavior in our children that may we feel lost to address. Whether you and your family are working through early childhood tantrums, ignoring instructions, or other problem behaviors, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You do not have to …

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#WisdomWednesday, Christina Jennings, SLP

Favorite Toy to use in Therapy? Books! Literacy – even under 3yr olds can be exposed to books. Remember to make it fun & repetitive. A personal favorite book is Yummy Yucky. Check back for a youtube reading soon! Words of Wisdom? Imitation – copy your child’s speech & babble (per-conversation skill.) When asking questions, …

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Sandbox Talk: Imua weighs in on today’s HSA “Mandatory kindergarten expedited” article

“Mandatory kindergarten expedited” In today’s Honolulu Star Advertiser, it reported that Legislators are seeking approval of a bill to inform families about the new Kindergarten age requirement. We sat down with Imua Family Services’ Infant and Child Development Program Director, Dr. Bobbie-Jo Moniz-Tadeo to chat the new kindergarten law and her thoughts on early childhood …

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#WisdomWednesday Christy Edwards, MEd

Favorite toy to use in therapy? MUSIC!!!!-Children birth to 3 are developing skills. They are learning to communicate, developing motor skills, and establishing social behaviors.  Music can help foster all these skills.  Through singing, children are working on vocabulary, articulation, prosody, oral motor and memory skills. Through beating on a drum or shaking a rattle, …

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#WisdomWednesday with Aunty Lilly, AS, SLPA

Lillian Pimentel, AS, SLPA aka “Aunty Lilly” We sat down with 8 year Imua Veteran and Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Aunty Lilly recently to chat “Wisdom Wednesday.” Aunty Lilly explained the importance of quality time and the fine line between too much screen time and her recommended 30 minute time limit (ipod, ipad, tablet etc.) …

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