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Couture for a Cause: The student behind the gown, Cassandra Andrus

Cassandra Andrus

Meet Cassandra Andrus, a student enrolled in UH Maui College Fashion Technology Program and a student designer who will be showing her piece at #imuaball.

1. What sparked your passion for fashion?

My passion is not so much for fashion as creativity. Fashion to me is form of expression, ever changing depending on moods or needs. It is influenced by trends but not controlled by them.

2. Is this your first year showing at Fantasia Ball? What do you look forward to?

This is my second year. I look forward to hearing about the work that IMUA is doing. I am interested to know about the children IMUA is helping and would be interested to know whether there is a way that we can support the work by coming up with product that would meet specific needs the children or a child had.

3. Why do you think it’s important to support our keiki?

It’s our responsibility to train, take care of, encourage and guide our keiki as they are the next generation. If we do not nurture them properly and provide for their needs they will not meet there full potential and everyone will suffer.

4. Can you relate to not picking up on something as quickly as your peers? Can you explain?

Not really, I have been blessed with health and a good mind and those things I don’t do well I leave to those that can and focus on what I am good at. I have seen the struggle that some other people have with even basic things and have always been impressed with those that have met the challenge and persevered. Some have overcome the challenge, for others the challenge remains but their strength of character shines brightly. How they deal with the issues facing them impresses me more that there ability to do things or not.

5. Can you describe your design aesthetic?


6. 3 wardrobe tips for our guests getting ready for Fantasia Ball 2014?

Be comfortable in what you wear – your confidence will show.

Make sure the fit of the outfit is good.

Quality fabrics even if simply made look classier than cheaply made garments.

7. How many hours have you spent working on this look?

Not enough at this point.

8. When you graduate where do you see yourself?

Using the skills I have learnt to come up with product that either brings enjoyment to people, is a form of art or fulfills a need.

9. How has can fashion make a difference in today’s world?

Today’s world can benefit from all the advances in fashion technology. The different fabrics etc. can meet so many different needs and the possibilities of what you can do are endless. I think it is a mistake to get caught up with trends and think that is all there is to fashion. The industry has much more to offer than that.

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