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Couture for a Cause, the student behind the gown, Glenna Anderson

UH MC student designers

1) What sparked my passion for fashion is my love of art and my desire to make it functional.

2) This is my second year participating in the Fantasia Ball and I am looking forwarded to seeing the showcase of UHMC Fashion.

3) Supporting our keiki is important because they are tender, imaginative beings who will one day be supporting us.

4) I can defiantly relate to not picking up on things as fast as my peers. I know that it’s easy for others to judge you or dismiss you as incapable when in fact you may be very talented. It’s Important that we create an atmosphere of acceptance because sometimes those who are different come up with the most interesting ideas.

5) My design aesthetic is historical. I particularly relate to the medieval era. I’m fascinated with how design was used to create well fitted clothing without the use of stretch materials or modern closures.

6) Three wardrobe tips I would give to a guest attending the Fantasia Ball 2014 is use some color in your eye shadow,  find a nice hair accessory  and enjoy the opportunity to dress up!

7) I couldn’t possibly tabulate all the hours I’ve spent on my IMUA gown. I will just say it’s equal to a part time job.

8) I graduated in fall of 2013 and participate in the Couture Club as alum. Since my graduation I have enjoyed multiple opportunities to earn income in my chosen industry. In the future I would like to create my own clothing line.

9) Fashion has made a difference in today’s world in many ways but most importantly it enables us to express our individuality.