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Couture for a cause, the student behind the gown, Ivori Sambelon

1. What sparked your passion for fashion?

From a very young age, I would always love to dress up, wear heels and put on lipstick…You know, your typical girly girl. But above everything else, historical royal drama films set me on fire!!!

2. Is this your first year showing at Fantasia Ball? What do you look forward to?

This will be my first year showing at the Fantasia Ball. I am extremely excited and grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity!!! Honestly, I am looking forward to seeing my very first gown creation on the runway.

3. Why do you think it’s important to support our keiki?

Our children are our future. We have to guide, support and love them. Being there for them will mean everything for their future as well as our own.

4. Can you relate to not picking up on something as quickly as your peers? Can you explain?

Of course!!! That just so happens to be my current reality. I’m brand new to the fashion technology program. This is my second semester. My peers range from having no experience to just about graduating with their degree. But no matter the difference everyone’s super supportive.

5. Can you describe your design aesthetic?

I’m a perfectionist and I feel although beauty is truly undefined, there is thee perfect place for everything.

6. 3 wardrobe tips for our guests getting ready for Fantasia Ball 2014?

1. Too much is never enough

2. Less is more

3. And because 1 & 2 contradict one another, go with what speaks to you the most…

7. How many hours have you spent working on this look?

Countless Hours = Mentally…Well over 40 Hours = Actually

8. When you graduate where do you see yourself?

I can absolutely see myself designing children’s clothing. Whether it be designing for someone’s boutique or that of my very own…we’ll just have to wait and see.

9. How has can fashion make a difference in today’s world?

The real question is “how could it not”…Fashion is timeless, ever evolving and an expression of ones desire. For me it is the difference. It is all inspiring…