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Couture for a cause, the student behind the gown, MJ Ignacio


1.       What sparked your passion for fashion?

I always knew my love for fashion was hereditary because of generations of seamstresses, but what gave it that extra spark was when I watched “Pretty in Pink” the part when she makes her prom dress; From the day I watched that movie I always kept my doodles or collages of clothing designs & ideas. I eagerly waited and kept dreaming the day I could see my visions become reality.

2.       Is this your first year showing at Fantasia Ball? What do you look forward to?
This will  be my second time around showing and I look forward to seeing fashion. I like to see ehat people interperet as their “My Fair Lady” inspired theme.

3.       Why do you think it’s important to support our keiki? Our keiki are important because like how some believe fashion moves forward I believe it recycles the original design but only evolves into something better or bigger. Keiki’s are important because we past our knowledge to them plus the knowledge we gain ourselves so the children of today and tomorrow are actually are our future because they hold our original beliefs and skills that had been passed down many times plus the new knowledge we have thought them and then they go on to learn greater knowledge on their own which makes them a greater person for the future.

4.       Can you relate to not picking up on something as quickly as your peers? Can you explain? I know I can’t quickly grasp the concept of wearing stilleto’s as they all do…lol. I’m a  wedge type if girl.

5.       Can you describe your design aesthetic? A lot of my designs are influenced by the Mexican Day of The Dead theme. Day of the Dead sugar skulls are a symbol of celebration of a love one that has died. It’ celebrating their life not death. So, I love to used sugar skulls, rosary’s, Lady
Quadalupe, big red roses, crosses, and lot of black lace and red & black fabrics.

6.       3 wardrobe tips for our guests getting ready for Fantasia Ball 2014?
1) Don’t over think it!
2) This is your interpretation of an My Fair Lady
3) even if you look great, feeling uncomfortable can kill that vibe.

7.       How many hours have you spent working on this look? It will be a total of 3 months.

8.       When you graduate where do you see yourself? Even before I graduate I immediately want to start looking for a Buyer or Merchandising position for a clothing boutique. But, during this search I also plan to take my online boutique one step further.

9.       How has can fashion make a difference in today’s world? Fashion is the link that sets the mood for all types of occasions.