Dream Imua is a dream-fulfillment program for children facing crisis in Maui County. Each Dream is child-directed and designed to help the Dreamers feel special and loved. Children ages 4-16 are referred to the program by physicians or social workers when facing adversity or crisis of any kind (e.g. abuse, neglect, homelessness, major medical issues, or loss of a parent). With a child-directed approach, Dream Imua goes beyond providing a reprieve from suffering and helps these children validate their self-worth, provides a space to nurture positive messages of support and encouragement, and reminds them of what it is to have hope.

Started in 1990 as A Keiki’s Dream, the program was integrated into Imua Family Services in 2015. Over the past three decades, Dream Imua has filled nearly 1,500 Dreams. Each Dream is as unique as the Dreamer. While some have enjoyed playing their favorite sport with a professional athlete, others have opted to prepare a family dinner alongside a celebrity chef, learned to play the instrument of their dreams, or spent a day with their best friend exploring the Valley Isle. Dream Imua is generously supported by many community businesses and individuals who share our mission. On their Dream Day, participants and their families feel the love that comes along with being a part of a compassionate and caring community.

If you would like to support Dream Imua, please contact us at dream@imuafamily.org, or call our Dream Imua coordinator at (808) 244-7467. Referral information is at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to see a couple of our Dreams in action, we invite you to watch the videos below:

Building Dreams

Qualified social services programs, pediatricians, and other early childhood professionals can refer eligible children to Dream Imua. Partnering with Maui’s generous businesses and community members, Dream Imua helps children create and experience their own special dream day on Maui.

Dream Imua Guidelines

In order to participate, a child must be referred by a social serve provider or a physician and meet the guidelines below:

    • The child must be a full time resident of Maui County
    • The child must be 4–16 years old
    • The child must be referred to the program by a valid referral agent using our Dream Imua Referral Application which includes our Dream Imua Consent Form signed by a legal guardian
    • The child may not have participated in an Imua Dream Day in the past, unless there is a renewed cause for a referral
    • The child will need an adult in his or her life who can participate in the Dream Day and focus on the child while ensuring his or her safety
    • The reason for the referral must consist of a “crisis” rather than a long-term chronic issue (e.g. a disability)
    • The child will need to physically participate in the Dream Day activity and be able to make their own choices in identifying their Dream Day options

Click here to download the Dream Imua Referral Application

For more information please email dream@imuafamily.org or call (808) 244-7467.


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