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Imua Autism Services provides for children through age six (0-6). Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as our gold standard of care, Imua’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) are among the most highly skilled clinicians on island and beyond! We understand that each child learns differently, and through the assessment process we develop a treatment plan tailored to your child, your family, and your priorities, guiding you every step of the way. The focus of our open and collaborative approach means that not only will your child learn new skills directly applicable to daily living, but that YOU will also learn techniques needed to decrease problem behavior and bring about positive change.

With a concentration on pediatric ABA, our team focuses on strategies and techniques based soundly on compassionate care for your child. We recognize that our clients are very young, and with potential developmental concerns they often need extra support as they begin their program. We are highly sensitive to the needs of each child.

At Imua, we also have a significant advantage to address deficits/development in social skills. Our clients enjoy interaction with other young children of all developmental levels, and we assist in the facilitation of relationship development and ultimately see first-friendships begin to blossom! We thrive on interactive and fun play-based learning, which is of great benefit to every child involved. It is an inspiration to our team to oversee the development of children caring for one another and simply having fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a frequently asked question and you are not alone. There are a few layers to beginning services, including: contact with your health insurance to begin the process, conducting an interview with you about your child (behaviors, goals, priorities, etc.), a comprehensive developmental assessment by our team, completion and submission of a report that includes assessment information and a treatment plan (goals), and scheduling services.

Please call our Imua Autism Services Managing Director for a free initial consultation and guidance/information share. You do NOT need to decide on going with Imua for us to assist you in the process. We simply offer support and want you to be comfortable in learning what to expect and what happens next. Call Dr. Lori de Crinis, BCBA, LBA at: 808-244-7467 x309, or email at

Typically. Depending upon your coverage (they all differ), we will work with your provider to ensure a timely response to your needs and assist in getting forward momentum for your child. Currently, we have providers credentialed with Kaiser, HMSA, Aloha Care, UHA, and Quest.
Short answer? Absolutely! We have highly skilled BCBAs who have successfully treated even the most challenging behavior issues, and we are happy to help decrease problem behavior while simultaneously increasing more appropriate and desired replacement behaviors.
Yes! Our team of Verbal Behavior experts understand the techniques and strategies to bring about motivation and functional language, and we will teach them to you, as well. We also utilize sign language or a Picture Exchange Communication System to help with clients who experience difficulty with verbal speech.
This all depends upon what is learned in the assessment and what is requested and ultimately approved by your insurance provider. This is a very individualized process, and the specific needs of your child are taken into consideration.
Currently, due to COVID-19, we remain focused on our Autism Center for the provision of services. It is in this environment that we can best control the variables that influence behavior and development, build strong socialization skills, and keep our clients and staff safer.
Yes! Parent/Caregiver training is a big part of services, and will help you increase your skill level and better prepare you to work through issues that arise. The practitioner who serves your child will also be the person to provide you with training sessions (typically one hour every two weeks). This participation is critical to the success of the program, and will provide you with a foundation of learning theory and behavior principles.
Imua utilizes electronic data collection, and each practitioner is trained on the use of the “Catalyst” app. Data is collected in an ongoing manner and critically analyzed to inform all treatment decisions.
You will receive a copy of all reports provided to your insurance provider. This is at a minimum of every six months (reassessment conducted), and more frequently when not attached to a formal assessment. Our data collection app is capable of generating progress graphs at the click of a button and we can easily share the information with you at any time.

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is trained to administer assessments to your child and write treatment goals informed by the assessment. The BCBA also provides you with training, and oversees all aspects of the program tailored to your child. BCBAs hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree and coursework specifically designated for understanding and utilizing ABA methodology, and must pass a rigorous assessment to confirm their solid grasp of the information.

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is supervised by a BCBA and trained to deliver the program to your child. At minimum, the RBT must have graduated from high school and attended a 40-hour training specifically geared toward ABA. At the completion of the coursework, the RBT must pass an in-person demonstration of the learned skills and techniques used in ABA. Upon completion of the competency assessment, the BCBA notifies the Behavior Analyst Certification Board that the potential RBT is ready for their certification exam. Upon passing this exam, they are credentialed to work with clients.

RBTs cannot work as independent contractors, and therefore must work with a supervising BCBA who is ultimately responsible for their work, client program changes, and the use of techniques. RBTs must receive a minimum of 5% of their weekly hours in supervision by a BCBA. For example, if a client sees an RBT for 20 hours per week, the RBT must be supervised by a BCBA for a minimum of one hour. At Imua, we average 5 hours of supervision per week for each RBT (20%). This helps ensure that the program is sound and techniques are used correctly.

Click here to download the Imua Family Services referral form. (Fillable PDF)

Autism Resources

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Imua Family Services with questions or for more information. We are happy to consult with you and provide meaningful information to gain an understanding of ABA and potential services, regardless of the provider you choose.

Start here: Call Dr. Lori de Crinis, BCBA, LBA at: 808-244-7467 x309, or email at

We look forward to speaking with you!