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#ImuaBall + Sephora Maui

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Can you explain the mission behind Sephora?

At  Sephora we are here to give you the most unparalleled shopping experience.  With exceptional consultants and unprecedented forms of technology within our doors, we are ready to play and teach you anything and everything you need to know about makeup and skincare!  We are unbiased, personalized and engaged experts who want you to leave happy and feeling your best!

Why is it important for Sephora to support families with children in need?

It is important to give of our time and resources.  Sephora understands the importance of family as it is a priority in our own values driven work enviornment.  By extending those resources through community outreach we are able to give back to our community by empowering families through elevated self confidence and beauty services.  It is also important because we want to ensure that we are thanking families for their comitment to fostering happy healthy children with the desire to thrive in our community.

Can you tell us what inspired you to partner with Imua Family Services?

We wanted to honor those who so selflessly give to support and inspire these children to be their best, along with the guidance and patience they show to consistantly meet the demands of special needs children and families.

How can we keep with Sephora? Social Media? Newsletter?



instagram- @sephoramaui

Facebook- Sephora Maui

LinkedIn- Sephora Maui

Anything we should look out for in 2016 from Sephora?

In store FREE Sephora Beauty Classes- Come and learn with our top Artist all the lasted tips and trends in the Makeup industry.  Visit Sephora.com for class schedules and to sign up or just call us at 667-2545.

Explore Sephora’s New Innovative Virtual apps at your finger tips.  Download the Sephora App, to start having fun!

Come in and receive a free Mini Makeover which is a 15min service on one foucsed area on the face.

With the purchase of an #ImuaBall Writers, Driectors or Profucers table: Bonus from Sephora Maui – From the Beauty Studio Menu, Sephora will host a private party for 10 guests with complimentary skin care, facials and make-up application along with light snacks and beverage. RSVP TODAY!