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Sugar Beach Events’ Chef Lee talks Community, childhood and mac n cheese!



How did you learn about Imua Family Services?

I have known Dean for years…

A portion of November 15th’s event will benefit Imua Family Services. Why is it important for Sugar Beach to partner with local causes?

I have been blessed with an opportunity to do what I love on this beautiful island. It has taken me a while to get here and now I’m finally in a place where I can start giving back to the community that helped my dream come true.

As a child can you remember a time that you were considered “different?” If so, how did you overcome that?

Oh yes. I was always the tallest girl in school. My parents first taught me to be really proud of that and uuse it to my advantage. I became a really good swimmer and long jumper.

Moonlit Movies isn’t your average dinner and a movie. What can guests look forward to?

Wee have such a great oceanfront lawn and  I love old movies. I thought it would be a perfect match. Maui loves movies and I wanted to bring back some great old ones. We will have some great dinner options for movie goers as well. I think it’s the start of something really fun. (Buy your tickets here.)

When preparing a meal, what are your top three ingredients?

Passion is number one! My top ingredients change, but you will usually find really good olive oil, garlic, and ginger somewhere in my food.

Can you tell us what your favorite childhood meal was?

My mom often jokes that she has no idea how I ended up becoming a chef because she wasn’t a good cook. My mom was a great cook. she was a school teacher /band director, wife and mother and made dinner every night for our family. My favorite was her macaroni and cheese. It’s still a family favorite and she makes it anytime we all get together.

How can the public learn more about Sugar Beach Events?

Please take a look at our website at sugarbeacheventshawaii.com or give us a call @ 851-6151 and setup an appointment with Jessica to come look at the venue.

To purchase tickets click HERE. A portion of this event’s proceeds will benefit Imua!