We applaud these terrific, outstanding women for the jobs that they do each and every day. Please remind them on tough days, that they do make a difference in a child’s life. They also make a huge impact on the parent’s lives as well. Thank you again Imua Family Services for all that you do and provide for the community of Maui.

A grateful Parent

My son attended his first Camp Imua in 2001 at age 7. He has multiple disabilities, both developmental and physical, and his earliest years presented challenges to his counselors due to his fears, anxiety and aggression. Camp Imua is the first place he made friends with people other than those with special needs. This was beneficial to his growth as he moved into his high school years as several of his counselors were of similar age.

In more ways than one, my son has grown leaps and bounds since his first Camp back in 2001. He is now driving, has a job and is navigating in the community with pride and confidence. There are many reasons for his growth and Imua Family Services and Camp Imua have contributed greatly to his maturity and positive outlook on life.


I have a wonderful 3 year old son name Nathaniel. Nate was diagnosed with PDD NOS. We started to notice his symptoms when he was 18 months old, and as new parents we didn’t have any idea where to seek help for our little boy. Nate’s pediatrician told us to contact Imua Family Services and we are so grateful that we did. With Imua’s help, Nate blossomed and started to interact with people and his peers again. We are forever grateful to Imua Family Services.

Rosie & Jeff Jacobs

It’s because of your wonderful team’s amazing support and therapeutic services that our daughter is showing a lot of gains since her diagnosis of autism.  Even the staff at Pomaikai gave the credit to Imua’s speech pathologists for her gains in her most recent assessment due to her significant progress in the area of speech.


Watching a child grow is a thrilling adventure, but it can also be daunting, as you realize something is just not right with your child.    As each month that passed after 18 months, and our son Zadoc still didn’t have any words, we knew it was time to seek help.  Knowing little about Imua at the start of journey; we couldn’t imagine what a magical part of our lives it would become and couldn’t believe the progress our child made.  We will always be grateful to Imua Family Services for giving our child his voice. At age three he will now talk your ear off, and we will forever cherish those words and his team of therapists, that help build his vocabulary.

Zadoc and Stephanie Brown

As parents of a child born prematurely, we were woefully unprepared and uncertain about our son’s future.  We had no experience and no idea of where to turn for help.  In a very short time after his birth, we were contacted by the angels at Imua who were ready to become a part of our life and, more importantly, the life of our son Riley.  They were there with welcoming and comforting arms assuring us that a bright future lay ahead.

We simply do not know what we would have done without the help of these angels.

Keith A. Regan and Lynn A.S. Araki-Regan

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