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Why read with your baby?


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Why it’s good to read with your baby, toddler, and preschooler…

  • A stronger relationship with you!  Reading together can be a nurturing activity for parent and their active toddler.
  • Basic Speech skills.  Hearing you read a book such as One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish or Brown Bear reinforces the sounds that form language.
  • Better communication skills.  By witnessing the interactions between the characters in the books you read, as well as the contact with you during story time, your child is gaining valuable communication skills.
  • Better attention and memory.   Toddlers may initially squirm and become distracted during story time, but eventually they’ll learn to stay put for the duration of the book. Along with reading comprehension comes a stronger self-discipline, longer attention span, and better memory retention, all of which will serve your child well when he or she enters school.
  • Logical thinking skills.  Books can illustrate cause and effect; concepts such as big/little, on/off, in/out, empty/full; and teach colors, shapes, and number values.

“It is never too early to start a reading routine!   Begin with books that have tactile elements and interesting textures, like cloth flaps and patches of different fabrics. Sound is important, too, with babies of this age responding to crackling, jingling, rattling, and music.  Select stories with lifelike pictures of familiar items rather than abstract illustrations.  To extend the life of your child’s reading material, choose resilient books that are waterproof and tear-proof.”