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#WisdomWednesday Beth Jones, MS, CCC-SLP


Between balancing motherhood, her work as a Speech Language Pathologist here at Imua and a volunteer leader for a monthly Down Syndrome group, it’s always nice to catch up with Beth Jone MS, CCC-SLP. Here are her practical and no-cost #WisdomWednesday tips!

Favorite toy/tool to use in therapy?

I always try to use a book or two in every session. I think it is very important for parents to read with their children beginning at a very young age.  If they are too little to sit through the story, just look at the pictures, ask them to point to pictures that you name and ask simple questions as you go. Books can be expensive but you can make going to the library and picking out books a fun family outing, or try garage sales.

Words of Wisdom?

My number one suggestion for families with young children is to talk with your children. Use daily routines to teach them new concepts.  For example if you are at the grocery store, show your child the apples and talk about the color, or have them help you count the apples as you put them in a bag.  When you are in the car talk about what you have done that day or where you are going.  Point out cars and trees as you pass.  At the end of the day talk about what you did.  Use a spouse or sibling’s arrival home as an opportunity to do this.  For example mom may say “Daddy is home let’s tell him about our day”.  Then pick a couple of events, going to the store or park for example, to tell Daddy about.  Even as babies they may not be able to talk yet but tell them what you are doing and label things that you are seeing.