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#WisdomWednesday Christy Edwards, MEd


Favorite toy to use in therapy?

MUSIC!!!!-Children birth to 3 are developing skills. They are learning to communicate, developing motor skills, and establishing social behaviors.  Music can help foster all these skills.  Through singing, children are working on vocabulary, articulation, prosody, oral motor and memory skills. Through beating on a drum or shaking a rattle, children learn about body movement and muscle control. Through dancing or marching to music, children are fine-tuning their gross motor skills. Through musical play, children learn how to say “hello,” identify emotions, gauge how close to stand to someone, how to listen when someone is speaking, pay attention to verbal directions, how to make eye contact and use facial expressions. Singing with your child can help develop your relationship while engaging in something fun and motivating.

Music Instruments

Words of Wisdom?  

“Make Music Together!  It’s free!  Use your voices!  Bang on pots and pans.”  Teach your children songs with finger movements for them to imitate.   Be consistent and make music with your little one often.