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#WisdomWednesday with Aunty Lilly, AS, SLPA

Lillian Pimentel, AS, SLPA aka “Aunty Lilly”


We sat down with 8 year Imua Veteran and Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Aunty Lilly recently to chat “Wisdom Wednesday.” Aunty Lilly explained the importance of quality time and the fine line between too much screen time and her recommended 30 minute time limit (ipod, ipad, tablet etc.)

Favorite toy to use in therapy?

I use a five piece animal shape sorter in almost every session. It’s a versatile toy that can teach a child about colors, shapes, problem solving, language, reciprocal play and more. I’ve used it with each age group I work with.

Words of wisdom?

“Technology is not a substitute for quality time.” “I realize some of our families are busy with multiple jobs” so stressing the importance of quality time, Aunty Lilly urges parents to spend  time with their child. Whether playing, reading books or singing songs. Spend quality time with them.